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Seeking Part-time Operations Coordinator for NGO

One World Family is a small American-based non-profit organization which sponsors 60 hilltribe children to attend school in Northern Thailand. We are seeking an individual who is fluent in English and Thai to help oversee this program.

The job duties are:

  • Accompanying our American staff to visit the schools and villages we work with once a year to act as translator.
  • Visiting the schools and villages we work with on your own once a year to check in, take photos, and report back to our American staff.
  • Making phone calls once a month to school administrators, bus drivers and parents and reporting back to our American staff.

Pay for the time visiting the schools, villages, etc. is 1,800 baht per day plus travel expenses.  This will typically be about 7 days per year. Additional pay is 6,000 baht per year for making occasional phone calls and sending emails, which should only take about 1 hour per month. Contact Mark at if you're interested. Feel free to visit our website at for more information on our work.


Note: We are not affiliated with the One World Family Commune or their parent organization. Their webpage is