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Children with Education Sponsored by One World Family


Lay Lay Wah is a student living at the SAW Safehouse in Mae Sot. Her mother died of AIDS and she was born with a congenital defect and had to have her fingers and toes amputated. Despite this, she is still able to write and do most other things the other kids can do. When the class learned to count on their fingers, she had to use her teacher's fingers, but is still a confident child who loves to sing. We've been paying for her education for three years and she's getting ready to enter 6th grade.


Sandar also lives at the SAW Safehouse. She never knew her real parents and lived with abusive step-parents until she was saved by neighbors who witnessed the abuse and brought her to the safehouse. She was very shy when she first started school but teachers say that she is starting to get along with the other children. We've been sponsoring her for 3 years and she is about to enter 4th grade.



Zar Yar Phyo (seen here wearing traditional Burmese thanaka facial mask which is used to protect the skin) lost both his parents to AIDS and is about to enter 6th grade. He is one of the top students in his class and is very outgoing. We've been sponsoring him for 3 years, and every time we see him, he runs to us and jumps in our arms.


Maturos is One World Family's first high school scholar. Her father is dead and her elderly mother takes care of her and her mentally handicapped cousin on a small plot of land which that they use to grow peanuts to bring in a tiny income. She is the first person in her family to attend high school and we're so proud of her for getting the highest grades in her class during her freshman year.



Ratchakan and Parinya (pictured here with Maturos) are our two newest high school scholars. They were recommended by their 8th grade teachers as being children who showed great academic promise but whose families had no way to afford their high school education. 

Bee was born in Laos but now lives at an orphanage in Northeast Thailand.  She was born with HIV and needed facial surgery at a young age which left her face scarred. Because of the HIV medication she's taken her whole life, her maturity has been stunted, and even though she's 14 now she still has to live in the children's housing despite the fact that all of her friends were moved to young adult housing in the next town over. We've been sponsoring her education for 3 years.

The children pictured here are from the Pang Tong villages in Northern Thailand. In 2010, we hired a bus driver to start bringing these kids to and from school every day. The families of these children are very thankful that we provide a chance for their kids to go school. These families have all fled to Thailand from Burma and many children have lost parents in the ongoing Burmese civil war. Without One World Family, these kids would have no way of getting any sort of education.

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