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Burmese Refugee Educational Support, Northern Thailand


The history of persecution and human rights abuses perpetuated by the Burmese (aka Myanmar) military over the past five decades constitutes one of the most shameful displays of governmental power abuse in human history. Currently there are over 500,000 individuals of various ethnic minorities who have fled Burma in the face of such persecution, the majority of whom have ended up in Thailand despite the fact that Thailand has no formal asylum framework in place. One World Family works with communities and various refugee organizations within Thailand to provide access to education for refugee children of Lahu, Akha, Karen, and Lisu descent, many of whom have lost parents at the hands of the Myanmar Army or the AIDS epidemic.

Our Goal

Through our Burmese Refugee Educational Support Programs we aim to empower children living in high-poverty, refugee or refugee-like situations to help them build communities, find gainful employment and avoid the pitfalls of exploitation and discrimination. By providing access to basic education, we aim to help these children foster the necessary tools to realize their potential and blossom into confident young adults.

Who Do We Sponsor?

One World Family began its educational support in 2009 with the Lahu Education Initiative.  This program currently sponsors 35 children from the Pang Tong villages in Northern Thailand to attend grade school and middle school in nearby Pang Mayao. We send bus drivers to these remote villages to pick up children who otherwise had no means of getting to school. We also provide help with enrollment, food, and uniform costs.


In 2013 we began our High School Scholarship Program. In partnership with the Pang Mayao Middle School, we choose students who exhibit academic promise but whose families have no means to send their children to the nearest high school in Chiang Dao. We currently send three children to high school, the first of whom recently finished first in her class academically! We also work with the Room To Grow Foundation and SAW Safehouse in Mae Sot to sponsor three orphaned children to attend school and with the Thai Children's Trust in Bangkok to sponsor one child.


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